Script To Add Micromax Yureka Successfully Amazon 2015



Hello Guys ,want to Buy Yureka Phone. Many peoples searching a trick/Method to buy this awesome phone, so we are here with a solution to Buy / how to buy Yureka phone easily. Actually it is Another Great Smartphone with Great Specs at damn Cheap Price. With 4g Capabilities and Octa Core 64bit Chipset. This is the beast of Smartphones.

 Unbelievable Micromax Yu Yureka Specifications :

  • 1.5ghz Snapdragon 615Octa Core Snapdragon 64bit Processor. 
  • 2Gb DDR3 Ram. 
  • 5.5 Inch HD IPS Screen. 
  • Cyanogen 11 Os(4.4.4 Kitkat). 
  • 13mp rear and 5 mp Front camera. 
  • 4G LTE FDD Support. 
  • 2500 mAh Battery.

All this for Rs 8999/- But don’t get too excited there is a problem yes availability.Micromax is Following Xiaomi Footsteps of Flash Sale. Those were good old days when you used to goto the mobile store pay money and grab your phone. Now its More like Winning Battle Online.



Registration Link –

  • Turn on Your Pc/Laptop and Login 1 Hour Before 2pm.
  •  Go to this Link- where “Add to Cart Button Will Appear.I recommend you to use Firefox/Chrome Browser.
  •  On 1:50pm Refresh Your Browser Once.Keep refreshing until you see Add to Cart Button.
micromax yureka 2015 autobuy script
micromax yureka 2015 autobuy script
  • You will See Add to Cart option.Click that button as fast as you can.
  • If you are lucky enough :p You will get Yureka in your Cart and then You have 15 Mins to complete the order.

So Fill your Address and Select Payment Option(COD, Net Banking, Debit/Credit Card).That’s It You don’t any special equipment to accomplish this task.You just need a working Pc and a fast Internet connection.


How To Use Script:

  • Go to – Buy Yureka From Here
  • Right Click your mouse button and then click on Inspect Element.
  • A window will appear from below.
  • On that window click on “Console”.
  • Now in the box paste this script | Script Credit Goes To SriRaman.
  • Then just 5 minutes before sale press enter to run this script.
  • It will automatically add Yureka to your cart.
  • For a safe side you also click Add to cart button.

Many Users Complaining That Script For Yureka Didn’t Worked For Them.

Few Points To Follow To Get It Work.
1. Subscribe / Register For Sale. [MOST IMPORTANT].
2. Open on the sale page for fresh working script.
3. Synchronize your system time [Right Click On Time -> Adjust Date/Time -> Internet Time -> Change Setting -> Update Now] You will 100% Get Yureka To Your Cart By Using Script Given On


Javascript to buy Yureka Yu

Updated for 5th March sale. Check this page once again after 1:45 PM to confirm.

setInterval(function(){ jQuery('.btn').trigger('click'); console.log('Working...'); },10);

Will it work on every sales ?

May Be… Because, Amazon will change the tokens on every sales. So, I will update the above code on every sales here. So, Please Bookmark it and visit my blog before every sales or subscribe to my newsletter.


How it works ?

This code will run the function every 20 millisecond. That function will try to click the buy now button. If the button appears in the screen, then the phone will be added to your cart automatically.



[su_button url=”javascript: (function () {var head = document.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0];var script = document.createElement(‘script’);script.type = ‘text/javascript’;script.src = ‘’;script.onreadystatechange = function () { alert(‘Ready’); };script.onload = function () {if (window.location.href.indexOf(‘’) > -1) {alert(‘Congrats! We have successfully taken the control. Do not refresh your browser or click any button until sale begins. Yureka will get added to your cart automatically. Follow the steps provided in the blog.Only on’);$.getScript(‘’);console.log(‘Success!!’);console.log(‘Script Activated!! Donot refresh or click any buttons/links in your browser!’);} else {alert(‘Invalid Page or Invalid URL’);}};head.appendChild(script);})();” target=”blank” style=”ghost” wide=”yes” center=”yes”]Bookmark This[/su_button]

How To Use This

  • Drag and drop the following link to your browser bookmark bar
  •  click on it a few minutes before sale begins.

After bookmark is added go to the Yureka Flash Sale Page.

Make sure you have a latest browser version and a good internet connection.

Points to note

1. Close all programs except your browser
2. Open the sale page in 4 browser windows and align it in such a way that you can see all at a time
3. When it is about 5 minutes remaining refresh each window one at a time and wait till it loads completely
4. When less than 1 minute, apply script in ANY ONE browser having least count down
 5. Make sure you see Hacked message at top, else it won’t work
6. After applying script to one browser, if you see Add to cart button in any other window, click on it immediately.

Demo : ( By Jay Kapoor )


Proof : ( By Jay Kapoor )


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are You sure that COD will be available?
=> Yes Confirmed by Amazon.


What Happens if i didn’t checkout in 15 mins?
=>Yureka will be removed from your amazon cart

What is the Sale Date?
=> 5th March 2015

Comment down if you have more Questions.

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