Tricks To Increase Your Jio Speed up to 10-40 Mbps

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Tricks To Increase Your Jio Speed

How To Increase Reliance Jio Speed: Hey Guys,Welcome again So today we are going to talk about Jio speed and Going to Give you 4 tested ways to Increase your slow jio 4G net.Guys every where only jio Every one talking about Jio 4G their plans speed etc etc and Most common how you Get Jio 4G sim easily.

By changing/Checking Your Jio data Setting

Yup do’t think it is too small thing to know Many jio users setting has different some times that make cause of slow net So follow below setting to do correct setting or check it is correct or not.

Go To your android setting>>SIM cards & mobile networks>>Jio 4G>>Access point names>>Now click new apn or Add button.

Now You see the full new list now you have to create new internet setting by filling all detail from below.

Name : Jio4G

APN – jionet

APN Type – Default

Proxy – Not Set

Port – Not Set

Username – Not Set

Password – Not Set

Server – www.google.com

MMSC – Not Set

MMS proxy – Not Set

MMS port – Not Set

MCC – 405

MNC – 857, 863 or 874

Authentication type – Not Set

APN Protocol – IPv4/IPv6

Now Save the setting and select this setting and restart your phone and use jio net with great speed.

2-By Forcing Your Phone To Use LTE only

Yup it is also second way to boost up your Jio 4G internet speed by forcing your phone to use LTE or 4G network only As Jio uses 4G tower only still we recommend you can also check this setting and if setting different make it right and enjoy high speed surfing.

  • If your Phone is QUALCOMM Processor supported then dial from your mobile *#*#4636#*#*  .
  • As you dial this special code you see system page where you see Phone Information 1 option click on it.
  • Now scroll the page and select TD-SCDMA, GSM/WCDMA and LTE .
  • now restart your phone and enjoy speed up internet.

3-By Using VPN software

May be some of you thinking i am giving only setting things to increase jio speed but here it is what you want VPN it is also most effective way to increase your net speed .

  • Download VPN Master / SNAP Vpn or any Indian Ip supported VPN.
  • Now open The any of the app and proceed for home screen.
  • Now select Indian server or Near buy Indian servers.
  • Now click start connecting Button wait for 3 to 5 second it will connected.
  • Bingo ! Now check your downloading speed it improves and may be hit maximum speed .

So Guys Hope This 4 ways help You to increase your jio 4G Speed and in near future i will add more ways to increase your jio speed.If you have any question leave comments or contact our facebook page and groups so we serve you better.

Note:- This all Tricks are taken from other helpfull sources and all tools are here are useful but you can use at your own risk this tools and tricks.We are not responsible any thing.