Slow DNS, Troid VPN, Tunnel Guru Premium Account Valid Till 25 Feb 2016 @ OPENLY POSTED

untitledSlow DNS, Troid VPN, Tunnel Guru Premium Account Hello friends Today i have big news for you, I am going to openly posted Slow DNS, Troid VPN, Tunnel Guru Premium Account Valid Till 25 Feb.About Tunnel Guru :- Hello friends, Tunnel guru a tool to bypass your identity on Internet, another answer is anonymous surfing, downloading, watching etc. One more thing if in your country any site is blocked or non access able you can view it right through Tunnel guru. The main disadvantage of its free (trial) account is you cannot surf more than 150mb for payment options many of you can’t buy premium it requires international credit card and in India it’s very difficult to arrange a debit or credit card for payment.


In India many are use Tunnel guru for free Internet bypassing the default IP address to Tunnel guruby UDP and TCP protocol and I know free means unlimited which Tunnel guru don’t allow usage more than 150 mb in trial account

Premium Account Features :–  Fast HTTP(S) Tunnel , VPN Tunnel Proxy. ICMP Tunnel ,DNS Tunnel ,Web Proxy. Bypass Restrictive Firewall. Full Blown Speed , Value for Money. Secure/Hide your Internet presence Validity of Premium Account – The premium account is valid from 27 Jan 2016 to 25 Feb 2016 for unlimited downloading and uploading. Note: Please don’t try to change the password. After every 12 hours password will be changed.

Premium Account Details :- User ID : TrickyIND Password : 987652450987643 (09:00PM, 19 Feb)

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