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Airtel High Speed Trick Working 2015

Airtel mass downloading OpenVpn-Zpn! Tested in bihar , WB , Gujarat , Assam sim 🙂

1) First register an account on
2) After acc creation and verifctn, login to ur acc. Download the zpn config from there.
3) Now u should have OpenVpn connect installed on ur phone. Import the zpn config by browsing to the downloaded location.
4) Now time for editing it. Open the imported config.
5) In server list select udp.
6) In ip and dns tab, untick no local binding.
7) Now in advancd tab, go to custom setting. Clear everythng der and add “lport 49200” Without the qoutes. Rport can also b added but not neccesary.
8) U r done. Just connect, on asked for username nd pass enter the zpn login details.
9) Enjoy.




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