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Bypass App Purchased of Google Playstore

Hello Friends!!!

Now i am sharing one of the most  useful tricks. its measure problem to get purchased items but now dont worry i am here for you 😀

**Personally Tested by me**

Now time to hack chips , coins ,coc gems etcle trick

  1. You must have android device
  2. You must be rooted (How to root)
  3. You have Freedom app(Download)
  4. Brain use
**How to Bypass Payment**
Step 1 : first of all you need all requirement which is listed above
Step 2 : Now install freedom app 
Step 3 : After installing freedom install game which you want to hack 
step $ : now go on freedom app .you will see your desire app now click on tha will redirect you on app
Step 5 : Now go on Shop option and click on purchased option that will ask for payment.But dont worry guys there will you see Free Card and click on ok.your payment is successfull
By this mehod you can also bypass Whatsapp payment.and many android games coins 😀
Enjoy guys 


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