Check your website performance and get a report of all errors to improve it

The loading speed of the site is the important things for every websites, it works to stimulate the visitor that stays for a longer period in the website because of its speed in browsing and the transition between pages, so the speed of the site earn derivative
search engines and help them to shown faster in the search  results.

For this we suggest you today a tool from Google that is working on checking your site and give you the result as a percentage of the speed of the site accompanied by a comprehensive report of all the errors on the site template to work on in order to fix it.

The tool named “PageSpeed Insights”, you can access through the link you’ll find in the bottom of the topic and add your site in sites box, and then click on the Analyze so it will start monitoring the speed on the phones as well as computer and will give you a report of the various problems that you should  fix, of course, if you want to make your site faster.

Website Link : PageSpeed Insights 

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