Delete Facebook Account Permanently In Just One Click

Learn how you can quickly delete your facebook account permanently with just a few clicks. This a step by step guide which anyone will easily understand.


If you find yourself spending too much time on Facebook, or you can’t help yourself from checking your Facebook news feed for updates every 5-10 Minutes, then you are Addicted to it. At this moment maybe the first thing come to your mind is “i want to delete my facebook account permanently now.” Don’t Worry My Friend for You Only I have written this article. You can follow the step by step guide below to delete your Facebook Account Permanently right now.

How to Delete your Facebook Account Permanently

You can do two things with your Facebook account. You can deactivate your Facebook account temporarily or permanently delete it. If you Deactivate your account, then you can reactivate it later when you want by logging into Facebook with your username and password.

However, If you want a time-saving answer, then i would suggest that – just click on the green button below that says “Permanently Delete Facebook Account” to delete your account. This link will land you on the Facebook account deletion page. I recommend you to read the rest of the post to learn more about this topic.


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