Flipkart Big Billion Day: Tricks to Buy Products With Discount Offers Successfully

Flipkart big billion day

Offers And Tricks to buy products successfully on Flipkart big billion days

First of all welcome to Techintor.com, today we are going to discuss Flipkart big billion days and offers. By reading this article you will definitely get an idea about Flipkart big billion day and also get some tricks to buy products on big billion day. We on Techintor usually provides free internet tricks and android tricks but from last months we started providing shopping loots. This one includes that category, Flipkart big billion day: everything you need to know
I think all of you already know about Flipkart, which is one of the popular e-commerce websites in India. Of course, They are popular why? since they provide good service and good offers. Yeah, Indians love OFFERS ; Flipkart runs a yearly shopping MAHA loot that is called as FLIPKART BIG BILLION DAY.

If your question is, what is Flipkart big billion day: then the answer is very simple, Flipkart runs a seasonal shopping offer  [most probably near Diwali] once on all years [started on 2014]. They provide huge discounts on many many products. It’s awesome actually. If you are lucky you get even 99% discounts on products. that is Flipkart big billion day.

Since they provide huge discounts definitely there will be a good rush. And also the products are very limited to few numbers. So all of you can’t get the product easily. that is why trickspedia.net

sharing some tricks to buy products on Flipkart big billion day. it’s not actually tricks. means there are no any auto shopping scripts or other plugins available for Flipkart big billion day. But some tips, that can increase the chance of getting products at discounts on Flipkart big billion days.flipkart-big-billion-day-offers

I don’t know, you are noticed that I am saying sometimes big billion days and sometimes big billion day. Yeah, here comes a little change, In this year Flipkart running Flipkart BBD 5 days long. On every day they present offers on  different categories. this is actually useful. This will somehow help you to grab some products with offers from Flipkart big billion day. also, you need to download the Flipkart mobile shopping app for getting big billion day offers. it is only available for Flipkart app.

Okay, now lets check 2016 big billion day dates and other details

Flipkart Big Billion Day 2016 Dates and discount offers details

On this year the Flipkart BBD starts from 2nd October and will end on 6th October. As i said above, on each day they provide discount offers on only selected categories. you can see the dates and products with discount offers category list below

Starting, 2nd October 2016 – Fashion and Lifestyle

Starting, 3rd October 2016 – Home and Appliances

Starting, 4th October 2016 – Mobile and Accessories

Starting, 5th October 2016 – Electronics and Automotive

On 6th October 2016 – Books and Others


Here is the link to Flipkart big billion day offer page 
i recommend all of you to visit the offer page once. there are lots of more info available about Flipkart BBD 2016

Tricks to buy products successfully on Flipkart big billion days 

I already mentioned above that, this is not actually tricks. This is some tips that can be implemented on sale days which will definitely increase the chance of getting products at Flipkart on BBD.
We can somehow say: How to prepare for Flipkart big billion day


** First, make sure that you are installed the latest app of Flipkart. Download the latest Flipkart app from here.

** Signup a new account on Flipkart or if you already have an account then you can sign in there. make sure that you are successfully logged into your account on sale day.

** set default address. On Flipkart account settings, make a default address. this will help you while entering order shipping address.

** save your debit/credit card. If you are planning to use credit/debit card for payments then save the card on Flipkart account already.

** Last but not least, AS per Flipkart statement ‘YOUR WISH, OUR OFFER’ : they provides you discounts on your wishlist products. Means, you should make a wishlist of products that you are planning to buy on this Flipkart big billion day. So there is a chance of getting discounts on that specific product that in your wishlist. so make a good, means not a large wishlist. Add only some products that you are interested in buying in this Flipkart big billion day.


These all some simple tips that can help you to buy products at discount price on Flipkart big billion day. The rest is on your luck. If you are very lucky, you can successfully buy products on Flipkart big billion day.

Extra discounts on Flipkart big billion days: SBI cards have extra 10% discount

Pay your order through state bank cards then you will get an extra instant discount of 10% .

If you have any doubts regarding Flipkart big billion days, then check their terms and conditions page.

This is all about Flipkart big billion days. I hope you like our tricks and tips to buy products on Flipkart big billion days. If you like this article please don’t forget to share with your friends.


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