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How To Add All Friends To Facebook Group in One Click

When you have thousands of friends it becomes very difficult to manually add them into your Facebook group. Facebook social toolkit simplifies the process of inviting your friends to join your group. Invite your friends to join your page option is a free tool available in Facebook Social Toolkit and free from all the limitations, you can use this tool to invite your friends to join your group without wasting your time to invite every friend manually.
Facebook group invites tool will help you in adding your friends into Facebook groups.

What Is Facebook Group Invites Tool

Add All Facebook Friends Into Facebook Group  tool is created by Facebook Social toolkit developers and it allows you to add your friends into Facebook group without wasting your time.

Why To Use Facebook group invites tool

Facebook group invites tool adds your friends into Facebook Group and helps you in increasing the number of group members.

How to use Group Invites tool

Group invites tool is a free tool. Group invites tool is simple to use, You can follow the simple steps given below to add your friends into groups

  1.  Download and install Facebook group invites tool from chrome web store
  2. Log in into your Facebook account
  3. Click on Facebook social toolkit icon to start Facebook Social Toolkit
  4. Click on Invite Your Friends To Join Your groups button
  5. Enter group ID of the Facebook group where you want to add your friends. You can use Facebook
  6. ID extraction tool for extracting group ID
  7. Enter a delay time of 10-20 seconds
  8. After entering everything, click on invite button
  9. After following above steps, Facebook group invites tool will add your friends into Facebook group. To learn more about using Facebook Social Toolkit group invites tool




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