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How To Change Name On Facebook Before 60 Day Limits

Facebook is largest online community in the world and after facebook is one of the most visited website by its users and facebook website Rank is #2 byAlexa. Facebook rules are very strict and Now lots of tricks are banned by Facebook. But This trick is currently working fine. So Lets Start How To Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days Facebook Allowing Change Your Name Many times but After 60 days of New Name, You dont able to Change that, Change your Facebook Name Before 60 Days


Now We Have a New Trick To Change your Facebook Names Many Times

How To Get Do It:-
Now select
“MY ACCOUNT IS COMPROMISE” now login your account and facebook says change ur password, then change your password, on next screen selete your email address or type a new email address and facebook asks some security question releated to your account and then next steps u will see a option
“recently you change your name if you dont do this change name now”
Thats it !
Now your previous names will comes, to your Facebook  accounts, by using this awesome trick you can change your facebook name many time,


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