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How To Delete your Fb Search History

Fb Searches is Similar to Google Searches we Search something on Fb,Our Search History get saved . If you want to know ‘How To Delete your Fb Search History’ so get ready today I am gonna show a simple and few step method for deleting fb search history. Its not that much hard to search alot but however some time users gets some trouble some having these searches and that’s why many search for ‘How To Delete your Fb Search History’. Ok enough to talk now lets have the method how to delete fb search history.

How To Delete your Fb Search History

  • First go to your fb timeline , then click on ‘View Activity Log’ next to Update Info.
  • After clicking ‘Activity log’, you will get another tab having activity log panel on side. There click ‘MORE’ to get more logs of apps , games etc.

  • You will get a long list of many stuff , you just need to click on ‘Search’ almost the second last in my case .
  • Clicking on ‘Search’ in activity log you will get another panel on side of your search activities . From there you can see an option of ‘Clear Searches’ on right top. Click on that to have the option for deleting.


Once you clicked that option you will get another confirmation pop up. Click on ‘Clear Searches’ & it will clear all your search history from fb search panel .

That’s all you need to delete your fb search history. Hope you got this method and found it very easy to know about ‘How to delete your fb history’. If still you have any question let me know and I will love to help you :) .
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