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How to Download from 4shared without waiting 30sec and Login

Hello, I’m Yared. I’m back with another useful post that  really help you when you are downloading file from

Every posts on TricksPedia.Net that i posts is really awesome and simple

This post will help you from waiting 30sec and no login need to 4shared

Let’s See How we can do this ……


Step 1 :-

Here a simple Batch file Coded by Me

Download it from here Y4D – Downloader.bat


Step 2 : –

After downloading Open the Y4D Downloader

TricksPedia Yared

Step 3 :-

type ‘S’

note : type “S” without quote


then you will see this



then copy the url of the file which you want download from 4shared

for Example

the below link is a 4shared link like this copy and paste on that batch program and press enter

then the download will star automatically without waiting 30sc and login

TricksPedia Yared

I am sure you like it…

See you next time with new post





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