How to reference a website on search engines like Google ™, Bing ™ and Yahoo®?

Whether a business project or a personal ambition, having a domain name is the first step in creating a website. Then comes the graphics and technical design of the latter. These essential steps whose implementation forms the basic structure of an e-project will usually generate revenues. Maximize sales and revenue they generate, flows directly from the number of Internet users who visit your website.

Although this seems obvious, it is good to remember that the creation of potential sales is closely linked to the number of visits and traffic to your website. This raises the concept of trafficquality. Is it better to have 1000 visitors from sources not related to the theme of your website(not qualified traffic), or to have 1000 visitors directly from research related to the theme of yourwebsite (this is called traffic qualified)?

The choice for the second solution is from himself. You will then understand the importance ofquality traffic that results directly from a good positioning of your website in the results pages of search engines. This positioning begins with an SEO (taking into account) of your website withthem.

How to reference and submit a website to Google ?

Two solutions are available:

1) Get a link to your site from another, already taken into account (indexed) by Google ™.Crawlers latter will then pass on this link which will lead to a consideration of your site in Google’s index. 

2) Submit directly the url of your website through the Google submission form provided for that purpose, to achieve a listing on Google .

How to reference and submit a website on Bing ? 

Same possibilities as for the SEO of your website on Google ™.

How to reference and submit a website Yahoo®?

Same opportunities for SEO of your website on Google and Bing .


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