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How to Transfer Airtel 3G/4G Internet Data Balance


Many times we need to share airtel internet balance with our friends and families number. Now you can share your Airtel 3G/4G Internet data balance on another airtel mobile number. Airtel started net balance transfer service for the help of users who want to share extra data balance to another airtel number. But make sure that both should have Airtel SIM.

If you want to transfer airtel data balance from unlimited internet packs. Airtel does not offer to transfer unlimited data balance. You have to activate small internet pack other than unlimited internet packs that you can share to another airtel number.

Note – Some peoples want to transfer their Airtel net balance to another network number. We want to give them information that the service does not serve on another network. It means you can share internet data balance to the same network number on the same circle.

Share/Transfer your 3G/4G data with My Airtel App.

  • Download My Airtel App.
  • Now Signup account and verify otp with your Airtel mobile number
  • Now open the app and visit the Family Share option.
  • share airtel data
  • You can add the family member from the app.
  • Make sure your data pack balance is available.
  • Now select the family and share the data.

Share/Transfer your 3G/4G data with your family & friends

1.  Add friends and families Member in the list by SMS

  1. First of all, send a message “SHARE” to 121 
  2. You will receive a message like “Now share your 3G/4G balance with any 4 members”
  3. To VIEW your family, SMS VIEW to 121.
  4. Now Add family member number in the list. Where you want to send your 3G balance
  5. To ADD another member: SMS ADD<space><10 digit mobile no> to 121
  6. When you will Add family member in the list, then you will receive a confirmation message
  7. To DELETE a member, SMS DEL<space><10 digit mobile no> to 121
  8. Then you will receive a confirmation message like this.
  9. The following are the members of your My airtel family and your member contact number will display.

Read MyAirtel Family share Terms & Conditions

Now your friend can use your data balance, simply enable data and surf the internet. You can’t share any specific amount of data with your friend. If you are still facing an issue, you can call on Airtel customer care number.



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