How To Unblock Yourself From Whatsapp

Unblock Yourself if someone Block you

Someone blocked You?? In Whatsapp Don’t Worry Use This simple Trick

If someone block us on Facebook then we can’t send him/her message and there is no way to unblock your self on Facebook but

If Someone block us on Whatsapp then we can send him/her message and by this trick you can unblock your self 

Okay So Let’s follow these steps

1. Open Whatsapp App

2. Press Option and go to Your Profile

3. Then Delete Your whatsapp account (Don’t worry your messages will restored again)  



4. Now clear Cache then Uninstall Whatsapp from your phone

5. Restart your phone

6. Download Whatsapp from playstore 

7. Create your account again

8. Now find and message your victim

Note:- When you delete account you will removed from whatsapp groups

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