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Find Lost Android Phone Even When It’s On Silent Mode

find lost Android phone: dropping your smartphone is one of existence’s enduring struggles. certain, it’s no longer exactly consequential in the grand scheme of factors, but it sure is irritating whilst you want to make a name or check some thing and it’s nowhere to be located.Where is my phone

Now a day’s everybody have first-class Android Smartphones, and in case you realize these suggestions and tricks for Android you’re utilizing your smartphone at it pleasant. however if your smartphone is having much less pace or it’s miles slow then you have to speed up your phone.

and what if some one Steals your cellphone or you have misplaced your phones, their are some pointers and hints to preserve away your smartphone from Hackers, however you may discover Your lost Android phone even if It’s On Silent Mode using google assist.

fortuitously, Google has constructed a way to quickly without difficulty locate out of place phones.

How to Find Lost Android Phone-Where is my phone

Step 1 –

Go to Google, and make sure you’re signed in to the Google account registered to your phone.

Step 2 –

Search- “Where’s my phone?” A map will appear.

Step 3 –

Shortly after, it’ll show you your phone’s location.

It’s a real boon if you misplace your phone at a night out. Or leave it in an auto.

Unfortunately for iPhone users the “Where’s my phone?” Google trick only works if you have an Android smartphone. Yes, the iPhone does has a similar tool for locating your iPhone using iCloud. But it’s not as neat and easy as Android’s — it’s right there in Google search!




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