Samsung Galaxy Note 7: An overview

The Samsung Note Series has always been one of the best flagships from any company and form Samsung as well. in this article, let us have a look at the overall expected features and rumours from the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

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Design of the Smartphone


We won’t see many changes in the device as far the design aspect of the Smartphone is concerned. The design is likely to be pretty similar with that of the Note 5.  We are expecting theGalaxy Note 7 to be a dual edge Smartphone, which is nothing but a mere leak, so yet to receive confirmation on that part of the phone.


Next come the waterproofing part of the Smartphone; yes, the Note 7 is going to be a waterproof and water resistant design. With Note 7, the water proof custom will begin, as the Note 5, wasn’t one. Next in line is the Iris scanner. We have been hearing about this for long, but the Note 7 might put an end to all our hopes with getting this feature as the first.


In addition to this, the Samsung Note 7 would be available in 3 colours, namely, black, grey and Blue.


Processor / Chipset


As far as the hardware is concerned, Samsung has always brought for us more than we thought. It might have Qualcomm Snapdragon and a Samsung Exynos, as different variants, to keep up with the performance. The Snapdragon 823 could have higher clock speeds up to 3.0 GHz and 820 featured 2.4 MHz so there is slight improvement in that.



Next comes the display. Having kept the tradition of the 5.7 inched screen for the Note series for long now, we are expecting that the screen size would undergo an increase, with a 5.8 inch screen if not too much. Since the Note series is a part of the phablet series for the Samsung, we are always on a look out for a larger screen. Galaxy Note 7 is expected to feature a 4K AMOLED Display, Samsung enevr does disappoint us in terms of screen and display, it wouldn’t this time either!

RAM And Internal Storage

To add on to the lsit of things we can expect from the Note 7, the Smartphone is likely to have a 6 GB RAM since Samsung has  12Gb LPDDR4 RAM chips (gigabits, not gygabites) that are 1.5GB ones, so four of them means 6GB RAM would be there. Next comes the internal storage which is going to be a 64 GB along with the hopeful introduction of the Mirco SD card slot again with the Note 7.

And that is about the Note 7 at a glance!


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