Shh WhatsApp- Hide Last Seen, Blue Ticks and Read Messages Without Opening App

com.androidsxlabs.bluedoublecheck-icon=130xShh Whatsapp an android app used for reading whatsapp messages without opening original whatsapp app. That is you can hide from be online. and also you can see your messages without informing the messengers that you read their messages. Shh wahtsapp is the best way to read whatsapp messages without using [ opening ] original whatsapp app. I think most of the people are searching for an app like this – to hide whatsapp ‘message seen’ with reading the app too. Someoen wants to read messages and not like to reply for some messages, but the problem is in whatsapp when the recipient seen [ read ] the message the messenger get informed ‘message read] by double tick with blue colour; so this problem can be solved using Shh whatsapp. Use Shh whatsapp and you can see/read your friends messages on whatsapp without appearing online.

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You cant reply to the messages which you got on WhatsApp from WhatsApp incognito You cant download media from whatsapp incognito 


Your friend will not come to know that you are reading their messages You can check message what they have send you No registrations required Material design and many active users in the application.


  • whatsapp-Download(Ignore if already downloaded)
  • Shh whatsapp incognito-Download.
How To Use Shh-Whatsapp Incognito
  • Download Shh-whatsapp incognito from the about download links.
  • Open the application and click on i got it.
  • Screenshot_20160211-1815481-169x300Now Enable the notification control accessibility
  • After allowing the notification control, Click on I understand
  • Screenshot_20160211-1816331-169x300Select the privacy to whom you want incognito for chats, Groups, or Both.
  • Screenshot_20160211-1816371-169x300After that a main screen will be opened whenever your friend will send you message you will get the message on whatsapp incognito.Screenshot_20160211-1816431-169x300

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