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Top 10 Working Torrent Sites – Best Sites for Movies, Games etc. in 2017

Working Torrent Sites


People enjoyed the most using Torrent was when the Search engine was alive ? We can see a downfall in people downloading Torrent Files from Internet after the decline of the world famous search engine. Kickass Torrent was also banned along with it. So if you are facing difficulties while downloading movies, or downloading games, and you are searching for best Movie Torrent Sites or Torrent Sites for Games, then you are in the right place as we are here with Top 10 Working Torrent Sites.

We will be discussing about working torrent sites from which you can download various files including games, softwares and much more without much hassle. All you have to do is open these sites and download the torrent file. You need an application such as BitComet or Utorrent to run that torrent file. Download will start and you’ll be able to enjoy the game/ movie or any programme after it is downloaded. So Checkout Top 10 Working Torrent Sites below.

People can enjoy premium stuffs for free using torrent sites. They are criticized as they sometimes provide pirate copy of softwares and movies. Hope you will like Top 10 Working Torrent Sites below.

Top 10 Working Torrent Sites

PirateBay, Kickass torrent are some of the torrent sites that are worth opening. They rule the torrent world ? as they have huge database.

There are some countries where the torrent sites are banned. Isn’t it sad ? Ofcourse ? But governments do so because they ruin the hardwork of actors, software developers and a huge number of people ! A lot of people prefer watching a movie by downloading it via internet rather than going to movie cinema hall and spend much bucks. If you are in the country where Torrent sites are banned, you need to turn of VPN in your mobile phone so that you can browse the internet easily without any ban. Some countries have banned Torrent. See Top 10 Working Torrent Sites below and Enjoy torrenting.


Nowadays, a huge number of torrent sites are simply crap ! Huge number of pop up ads appear along with redirections every moment. In such a situation, what will you do ? Don’t worry as we are here with the ssolution in the post. We have hand picked Top 10 Working Torrent Sites that are performing good in 2017. You can download files via these sites Checkout Top 10 Working Torrent Sites below and thank us later.

Top 10 Working Torrent Sites

So are you ready to discover the Top 10 Working Torrent Sites of  2017 ? Here we go for Top 10 Working Torrent Sites .

Top Torrent Sites

Serial NumberSite Name

What are Top 10 Working Torrent Sites ?

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1 – ThePirateBay

Oh yeah ! Pirate bay is my personal favourite torrent site from which we can download unlimited files easily via a simple utorrent application. Torrents are mostly trusted here. Download music games and softwares easily via The Pirate bay.

Not only this, you can check out top 100 Games / Movies or Softwares that are popular amoung the people on PirateBay. Mostly, the top games or movies are very trusted and you can download them without any hesitation.

Top 100 list is updated every 48 hours so you will be getting a live list always!

You can browse torrents or check recent torrents that got uploaded in ThePirateBay website.

ThePirateBay is the king of Torrents. It gave website a big competition but since website is banned, it is rocking the internet as of now. That’s why it is in the top of “Top 10 Working Torrent Sites” list.

2 – EZTV

I know you prefer quality over quantity. This is the reason EZTV is here in the list. You will find quality Torrents from EZTV easily. But you won’t be getting every torrent you are searching for on EZTV.

You can download TV series easily that may be dubbed or original. You can checkout top Movies and TV shows on EZTV via the countdown list. EZTV deserved the second place in Top 10 Working Torrent Sites list.

You know what’s the bonus ? You can download Game of Thrones episode on EZTV ? So start torrenting now and Download Movie Episodes and TV shows from EZTV now.

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3 –

Still can’t forget the memories of website that was closed long back ago ? Bring back that Joy again with Same features and Same search engine is back here.

You won’t be finding any ads. Discover torrents easily and download them.

Seach for the Application you are going to download and a list will appear that is the result of Search engine. Select the application after reviewing size, ratings etc. and select the best mirror. If you find ThePirateBay in that list, you can download the file without any hesitation. So this site deserved a place in Top 10 Working Torrent Sites of 2017.

4 – IsoHunt

Its one of the oldest Torrent site which started in 2003. Its database is very big. Surely you must have heard of Isohunt eariler.

You can download anime, software or games on IsoHunt easily as it has strong database. Fake Torrents are refined and deleted from Isohunt almost everyday. You can easily report for the Fake torrents so that community won’t be affected by them.

Since Isohunt is very old, it is going under development almost everyday. You can see new changes in the site. New products are launched by their team.

Hope that it will perform better than now and will be on the top of ” Top 10 Working Torrent Sites in 2018 ? ”

You can comment on Isohunt without any login. These are some of the best features of Isohunt that no other torrent site can provide nowadays. You can checkout latest torrents on the site too easily.


How can we forget RARBG when we are talking about Torrents ? Ofcourse the best quality content is here on RARBG. Full of Trust and Full of authenticity. RARBG has a big reputation for Movies and TV shows.

The site was started in 2008 and it gained popularity and reputation in 2015. It is one of the Top 10 Working Torrent Sites as of now.

Features :-

  • Free
  • Secure
  • Fast
  • Big Database

6 – DemoNoid 

This is a a torrent site in which you have to register yan account for accessing the files. This is done to avoid spamming. You can checkout top torrents on the sites.

If you are a person who is looking for quality, then you should try Demonoid once and enjoy torrenting.

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torrent sites

7 – Kickass

You would have already heard of Kickass easiler. ofcourse it is very popular. It is another version of the old Kickass website. If the old site was live now, it would be ranking first in my list. The new site is also pretty good and you can enjoy unlimited services for free. Download Movies, Games, Softwares etc. easily and without much issues on Kickass Torrent website.

You can download Movie or TV show and also checkout what latest torrents got uploaded on the site. So this was the reason it is in our Top 10 Working Torrent Sites.

8 – 1337x

The website’s design attracts me a lot. This torrent site is really amazing. It has a very good database. You can download Movies softwares and much more from here easily. You can checkout what is in top 100 and what is trending.

You can upload files in the site and this is the true spirit of Torrenting. So this site deserved a place in Top 10 Working Torrent Sites. Enjoy !

9 – YTS

This site is exclusively for Movies. You can download latest movies on the site and they will work for sure.

You can download Videos in 1080P HD quality and 3 D quality that will make the movie more amazing. Try out the site once.

10 – WorldWideTorrents

Try it once and you will surely like WorldWideTorrents website. You can download movies, games etc. on the site

Bonus :-

You can download Tutorials on WorldwideTorrents for Free that includes Tutorial for HTML language, MYSQL etc. ?

Here is the end of Top 10 Working Torrent Sites of 2017. Hope you liked it.

What are Torrents ?

use torrents carefully

Torrent is a format of file in which applications like Utorrent Download the file from a specific URL. It  point out the trackers for a download to begin downloading from distributors who have uploaded the file (known as seeders) and we are the requesting clients (known as leachers). Looks Interesting ? Isn’t it ! Hope you liked our post for Top 10 Working Torrent Sites.

Is Downloading Torrent Illegal ?

All Depends on what you are downloading. If you are downloading that is pirated and if the owner company finds you, then you have to pay some amount to that company as a fine.

Is there a Solution to Get out of this Trouble ?

Use a VPN while downloading Torrents and Tadaa ! You are safe.

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Final Words :-

Hope you liked our post Top 10 Working Torrent Sites. We have made a lot of efforts for you ? So Share this post with your friend and let them know that Torrenting is not over ! Keep visiting trickspedia.


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