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Top High 60 PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites

There are many ways to help people find your article. Some are through Social Media, or By Search Engine itself.

But there are numerous other ways through which you can drive traffic to your web. Some methods include Search Engine Submission, Social Bookmarking Sites, RSS Blog Submission, Profile Creation Sites and much more.

Social Bookmarking Sites play an important role in SEO today. These social bookmarking sites get you to drive a little bit traffic and help you to get good backlinks from various relevant categories.Also see-Shh WhatsApp- Hide Last Seen, Blue Ticks and Read Messages Without Opening App

What is Social Bookmarking Sites?

Social bookmarking sites is the technique to get good backlinks from relevant categories along with decent traffic and social signals. These can also help you to increase/boost your organic ranking, which plays a vital role in content promotion.

Key Benefits of Using Social Bookmarking Sites for Content Promotion:

Time has changed, Social bookmarking sites are not considered as Link building techniques on a massive scale. But it can further help you to drive a decent amount of traffic and can generate lots of benefits to your site.

  • More Traffic: Many of social bookmarking sites can help you to drive lots of quality referral traffic to your site. For example, StumbleUpon and Pinterest can often appear as the top referral traffic source.
  • Targeted Visitors: If you work in a specific industry or niche, These sites can help you to get targeted traffic through relevant categories or groups.
  • More Social Signals: The more social signals your content receive, The more chance to rank higher on Search Engine.
  • Faster Indexing: Social Bookmarking sites index constantly by Search Engines so there is often more chance to index your content faster.also see-Free High PR Directories Submission Sites List (200+)

How To Do Social Bookmarking?

All SEO guys are doing social bookmarking but you know how to do it effectively?

Links coming from low quality-directories and bookmarking sites can be seen as unnatural to the Search Engine and can impact negative effect on your ranking.

Before submitting sites to these social bookmarking sites, You have to understand their rules and regulations. Few Bookmarking websites like Reddit & BizSugar are strict in approval & spamming is strictly not allowed.

The correct way to use these social bookmarking is to use them on daily basis. You need to be active and grow your followers and most importantly engage with your followers else you wouldn’t get the result you want and put your website at risk.

Hope you have understood what is social bookmarking and how to use it effectively, So let’s start with top 60 high pr dofollow social bookmarking sites:

Bookmarking Site Name DA PA 94 9 77 8 66 8 68 8 61 8 77 8 86 7 91 8 53 5 83 7 53 8 88 8 99 9 79 7 85 9 64 8 58 7 46 8 79 9 42 6 54 6 31 5 31 4 44 5 53 6 35 6 49 6 54 7 48 7 55 7 26 5 38 3 68 7 85 7 91 7 41 3 28 3 36 3 28 2 32 2 32 2 27 N/A 38 N/A 27 N/A 24 2 40 2 18 2 24 3 36 3 32 N/A 32 2 28 2 26 2 32 2 25 3 24 3 27 3 27 3 25 3 26 3

If done correctly, Social Bookmarking sites can be still very effective tactics to drive traffic.

How about you?

What experience do you have with social bookmarking? What other social bookmarking and content curation sites do you find useful and effective in the post-penguin era? I would love to hear your suggestions and thoughts. 



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