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Legally Generate Fake Credit Card With Cash For Unlimited Free Trials

Legally Generate Fake Credit Card

You may have faced credit card barrier many times. Nowadays, almost all offers and trials need a credit card or debit card. It limits the number of fake participants and makes giveaway/contest less expensive for the organizer. In this post, we are going to tell you a secret trick to generate fake credit card with cash.

Please note that this post is not about stealing or snooping of confidential data. If you are in search of trick to get somebody’s credit card details, honestly you are at wrong place. Using this trick, you are going to generate your own credit card with your own money. This credit card will be for one-time use only. This one-time credit card will expire after first transaction. So keep reading to know a simple trick to generate fake credit card (which is not fake).

Why you need a fake credit card with cash?

There may be many reasons for using a fake credit card. But two most common reasons are:-

  1. You do not own a credit card but want to activate free trial of any software/service.
  2. You own a credit card but you fear that you may forget to unsubscribe trial service on time. And end up with paying after the free trial. It may be funny but believe me, all service providers hope same. They keep their fingers crossed that somebody will forget about the trial.

More than that some trials deduct a small amount to prove you are human. You can use this one-time credit card with cash to bypass that restriction.

How to generate one-time credit card?

You can use kite cash app to get unlimited free trials. Actually, it does not generate fake credit card. Instead, it creates one-time virtual kite card. Kite cash is a very secure app and one of my favorite mobile wallets. Unfortunately, it is available only as an android app. Hope soon it will available for PC users.

  • First of all download kite cash app from play store. Then create a new account or login using an existing account.


  • Then add a minimum amount of RS.100 in kite cash wallet using your preferred option.
    Now tap on USE KITE CARD and enter the amount of cash for kite card. Then hit CREATE ONE-TIME KITE CARD button.
  • You had done. Now you can use this fake credit card with cash (one-time kite card) for trials, giveaways or contests. We had successfully tested it in digitalocean free hosting coupon, aws free tier and many more sites.

How to complete trial offers using fake credit card?

It is very easy to complete unlimited trials using a fake credit card. Honestly, it is much better than online fake credit card generators. Because you have all legal details of your one-time credit card.

  • Go to that site where you want to try offer or giveaway.
  • Then select payment method as credit/debit card.
  • Enter one-time credit card details that you generated in above steps. That’s it.

Sadly you can’t use this fake credit card trick on sites like google cloud which accept only emv chip cards. But no need to worry, we will soon back with a solution to this problem. Till that keep visiting, keep sharing and enjoy unlimited free trials.

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